The Leader and the Founder of the Band , is Mark Maglasang or Known as Bosx1ne (Boss1).

Born On June 13,1995 23 yrs old . Muntilupa City Near The Cpital Manila Of Phillipines. He is Married to Erika Tolosa Maglasang , You search in Facebook Or Instagram for their Social Media .

His Known Phrases he says are,

Yayayaya / EX B! / or /Diamond Style Productions/

The Nex Member of the Group would be Daryl Borja Ruiz or known as Skusta Clee , By Short His Other Name Would Be Cleezy Boy.He has Girlfriend.

Born on Febuary 15,1996 22 yrs old Old Born In Tagiug Cavite Southern Part of Manila

His Hairstyle was Inspired by Lil Pump and XxXTentacion .

Third Member Of the Band would be Archie dela Cruz or Known as Flow G

Born On March 12,1997 21 yrs old in Manila Phillipines

His Hairstyle Is Also Inspired By Lil Pump , Sometimes People Think Flow G and Skusta Clee are Brothers , But they are actually not.

Fourth Memeber Would Be James Brando

The Toughest And Badass One , Of the Band .

Born on September 21,1990 28 yrs old Old .Nothing Much has been about him , but his Social Media has been saying He's Married . From Muntilupa City . I don't know much about place of Birth.

Fifth Member would Be Rhenn Mangabang -Emcee Rhenn

Social Media says that The sickest curves and lines he has got.

Born On February 19,1993 ,24Yrs Old Some Music Videos He is featured in like , Need You,Bootyful, Southboyz , First Date,

Sixth Member is King Badger Or Jon Guitterez .

The Guy with Curly Hair. Married Since 2016 . His Wife's Name is Jelai Andres

Born September 23,1991 Also 26 . His Place of Birth Was In Muntilupa city. He is Half British , from his father and his mother is pure filipino. Hr Has His own Range Rover and Mini Mansion Located In Manila.

Seventh Member is Reid Villa Vincieno

He Doesn't Sing In Music Videos . He 's just there for place and Acting For RoleOr something else.

He is Born on August 17,1995 /25 . He Was featured in Hayaan Mo Sila And Other Videos.

Eighth Member Would Be Bullet-D or Rudolpho Bulahan .

Born in May 21,1990 /27. He is Some Featured in Music Videos Like Need You, Hayaan Mo Sila, Southboys ,

There Are Other members Of Ex Battalion ButmThere is not Much Information about them.

There Names are Jekkpot,Cent, Hudass,Mckoy,KnetMNL..

The Lsst Member Would Be Jnske Or Jay Cania Omania

Born On October 19, 1992 , /25 . He had been Featured in Hayaan Mo Sila and Southboyz .

He has A Girlfriend and a Dog Together , He Was Born In Taguig,Cavite Same As Skusta Clee.

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